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Monday, November 20, 2006

An Interview With Matt

Here is an interview with Matt sent in by Annelies. Great job, well done!

Matt Howard Q- How does it feel to have your dad dead and your brother crippled, and therefore be the head of the house at age 15?

A- Well it does get hard sometimes- with all the hunting and harvesting to keep my family alive. But I have to set a good example for the little ones.

Q- Is it hard to live during a time period that you could get shot at any moment for saying the wrong thing?

A- It can get very hard especially since Jesse is on the South's side and my family is in the middle not really having a side. Sometimes I have to watch it because I could be putting my family in danger.

Q- How exactly does being friends with Jesse, who is on the South's side and being like a son to Mr. Stone, who is on the North's side affect not only yourself but also your family?

A- Well it can get hard because Jesse's family dislikes Mr. Stone and also always having Mr. Stone nagging me about hanging out with Jesse but I don't think I could stop seeing Jesse we have known each other for too long.

Q- Is it nerve racking to know that your first crop could be destroyed by either side at any time?

A- Well I know that it could be destroyed and I try to keep the best thoughts and if it gets destroyed I will replant after we get back from grandfathers house.

Q- Speaking of your grandfather what actions do you plan to take, will you go with your family or not?

A- I will go with my family because they need me especially Ben, then after the war I will come back here with or without my family and rebuild the barn and start a new harvest.

by Annelies


Anonymous Pat Hughes said...

Hi Annelies -

Nice interrview!

- Pat

1:59 PM  

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