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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Poem Project Example - Poem from Susie to Matt

Here is a great example of a poem based on Guerrilla Season from Stephanie. Awesome job!

A special poem to Matt Howard,

With the air so clean,
I didn't want to be mean.
All I wanted was a kiss,
But you fell and appeared all this.
A total mess because of me,
All happened lying in the tree.
The sprained bones,
Then Mr. Stone.
I knew hurting you made me cry,
Also I am dying inside.
The tears in my eyes ready to be shed,
Making life without you a total dread.
I know I might be a little too bold,
But I would still love a hand to hold.
Now you plan on leaving me,
When we both know we're meant to be.
I'm going to be all alone,
Wanting you can now be shown.
I love you so much,
Even when leaving the fingers to touch.
But I guess its time to say good-bye,
I'll just head on home and start to cry.

Love Your Sweetheart,
Miss. Susie Samuel


Anonymous Pat Hughes said...

Stephanie -
This is so thoughtful and just lovely. And it shows that you really feel for Susie's situation. Very nice!
- Pat

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved your peom Stephanie!

10:28 AM  

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