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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Guerrilla Season Movie Poster Examples

One of your six options for the final project is to create a movie poster for when Guerrilla Season becomes a movie (although we do not know of any current plans for Guerrilla Season to be made into a movie, won't everyone like to see Guerrilla Season made into a major motion picture!) You can create the movie poster with any application but there is a cool one online at where you upload the picture and fill out the text, colors, rating, etc. and it creates it for you. Really cool.

Here are two examples that students have sent in today. Great job Dakota (top), and Lindsay (bottom)! Don't forget to send your final project - comic strip, interview, book cover, movie poster, alternate ending or poem - once it is completed to


Anonymous Pat Hughes said...

Guys - these are all TERRIFIC! Gives me a little chill to see them ...

I just went to the link Mr. L posted - that is a very cool site. I might just make a poster myself and I'm going to try to get my own personal 8th grader (name: Jesse) to make one, too!

- Pat

5:16 PM  

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