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Friday, November 10, 2006

Interview Project Example - An Interview With Jesse

One of your options for the final project is an interview with one of the characters from Guerrilla Season. You can select any character, ask them questions and then try to determine how they would answer the interview questions based on what you have read in the novel.

You can turn in your interview in text form with the questions and answers written out or you can record it using the Audacity sound editing program and then e-mail us the finished sound file at Either format will work but I think the recorded sound file is so cool.

Here is a recorded version of an interview with Jesse done by Andrew and Michael! This is really cool. Just click here to listen to the sound file on your computer. The interview is about 3 minutes long.


Anonymous Mitch said...

Good rymes!

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Pat Hughes said...

Andrew and Michael, you did a terrific job with this interview project. The questions themselves are really thought-provoking, and the answers are just beautifully done in Jesse's voice. Wow!

And it is SO NEAT for me to be able to hear this, all the way in Pennsylvania. You gotta love the World Wide Web!

- Pat

4:40 PM  

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